What are some tips on earning comps?

Question by Nick D: What are some tips on earning comps?
I will probably be playing video poker, slots, and blackjack a lot when I visit during the summer. Unfortunately, 25 dollar chips are about as high as I can go. Can anyone give me some pointers and tips about comps and how to earn them?

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Answer by itsa_fact_jack
If you’re serious about learning “how to get more out of LV” read a couple of experts books on the subject

“Comp City” – Max Rubin
“The Frugal Gambler” – Jean Scott

The first thing you do is sign up for the slot club card at any hotel where you plan to play. don’t play without one…

IMHO playing full pay Video Poker is the best way to go…9/6 JOB – 10/7 DB – FPDW – JWKOB –

Play at a hotel/casino that will appreciate your level of play…The mega resorts on the strip are not going to pay any attention to someone playing less than $ 25 a hand for at least 4 hours…

Running 5K a day through a VP machine will get you noticed at places like Sam’s Town, Palace or Boulder Station, Las Vegas Hilton, Fiesta Henderson, Silverton, Red Rock etc . I only listed placed with good VP >check http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/vpfree and or http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com for info on the best VP in LV

Main Street Station in downtown LV is one of my favorites – play 5-6K a day there and you will get the full RFB treatment…I get 3-4 free nights “anytime” and never pay for a meal…

If you’re more into table games you might want to try the Stratosphere, Orleans, Palace or Boulder Station, or one of the downtown hotels…

The Las Vegas Advisor site is a great source for gambling info >

LATER: “Todd” > “Avoid slots, you will probably not get noticed and not get any rewards” – This is absolutely not true “as long as your slot club card is inserted in the VP/Slot machine correctly every dollar you play is tracked.. The casino knows exactly how much you are playing, and rewards you in kind” – on table games the floor(pit boss) fills out a rating slip on your play=average bet x time played and the game you are playing, you are rewarded based on the games theoretical win/loss %

The main rules to learn are
always sign up for and use slot club cards

play where you’re appreciated

understand the game/play it well – knowledge of the game and money management are key.

DON”T chase comps/play within yourself

I’m very serious when it comes to gambling and comps…I keep a log of my play and have for years…

1-the casino
2-game played, 99.9% of the time this would be the VP game I’m playing. I only play 9/6 JOB(99.54%) 10/7 DB(100.17%) JWKOB(100.65%) JOB can be a positive game, I add cash back and any other extras, such as the scratch off cards Main Street Staion hands out for every 4OAK or better.
3-The amount I put in the machine(cash in) vs cash out = amount won or lost in that session
4-slot club points earned for that session
5-the number of 4OAK – SF – RF for that session – NO I have never had more than 1 RF in a session, “on a single line machine” in 20 years of VP play.

I also use a “loss limit – win goal” strategy when it comes to my VP play…I divide my bankroll into 4 or 5 sessions per day…The amount into the machine depends on the VP game I’m playing and its variance…I play quarters – 9/6 JOB-200 credits($ 50) 10/7 DB-400 credits(100$ ) JWKOB-400 credits($ 100)

As an example, lets say I put $ 50 in a JOB machine, – if I lose the $ 50 I quit for that session, this means I at least take a break>take a walk/grab a bite to eat etc – On the other hand, where the system comes into play is when you are winning, I play to “double up”=turn that $ 50 into $ 100 or more – lets say I have played for a while and I’m doing well, I have $ 130 on the machine – If I fall back to $ 100 I quit – If I should pass $ 150 I would play with the “excess” amount over the $ 150 or $ 200 or $ 250 etc that way you maximize your wins and limit your losses…It does not change the mathimatical/theoretical win/loss probability of the VP game you’re playing..But, I have found this system works very well for me, and I have talked to a couple of VP pros who use the same or a very similar system in their play…

This works for us – we just got back from 14 nights in LV – RT air from KC + 14 nights = cost per person $ 232.47 and we could have stayed for less, we had 5 more free nights, we just didn’t want to switch hotels 2 more times – 3 was enough…Oh how I long for the good old days(the 90’s) when RFB was so easy to come by..

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