Craps Odds to Help You With the Advantage

Craps Odds to Help You With the Advantage

Article by King Roland

“Odds” is definitely a term that gamblers know. While the odds in each game are not always calculated the same, there are odds in each, whether the luck of the draw, or payouts. Craps is a popular dice game that the odds can be considered the probability that the shooter will hit a specific combination and the payouts in terms of ratios or percentages.

Patterns of the dice are a mistake that beginners often make. While some combinations come up more often, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine what pair will come up next. Therefore, when the crap player is making their prediction, they definitely don’t want to go with something like “every ninth hand I roll a pair of Aces”. Instead, you want to consider three important aspects of craps, which will help you to better bet. First, probability, second, odds, and third, payouts. Now, you are ready to have the odds bit more in your favor. Payouts are not odds, and are posted in the casinos.

How Crap Odds and Payouts Work

Each die has six sides, which means, each time your roll the die, you have one in six chances of rolling any number. Now, if you roll two die, the numbers increase, and the statistics change.

While it may be chance learning crap odds will help you to improve your strategy. While you may not be able to control what numbers are rolled next, you can work on your betting strategy. One of the more popular crap bets is the initial pass bet even. This is one that many players still choose because statistics show that it the bet offers the player near even odds at 251:144. Now, another bet that pays great, but is considered “lady luck” with payouts of 35:1 is a single roll bet on2. The trick to crap odds are know what the statistics are and know your betting options are, and make them work in your advantage. When you begin to understand what the statistics are, as well as, your betting options, you can better put Craps Odds in your advantage by knowing what you are doing at the table, and how to make it work to your advantage.

There is no doubt that the casino s filled with adrenaline, and you definitely need to keep your smarts. That is why it is so crucial to know your stuff prior to heading up to the table. Craps is one of the more popular casino games, and definitely thrilling.

The payout is definitely a factor when placing bets. Don’t be worried about taking the safe bet, though. Remember, the safe bet can be a great way to build your bank. The bets that are sheer “lady luck” definitely can leave you with holes in your pocket. Determine what is best for you, and know the statistics and payouts to help put the table in your favor and have a more competitive game, each time. It boils down to knowledge and understanding.

Craps Odds are definitely something you want to know and understand to help put lady luck on your side. For more information visit

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