How To Rent A Casino Table For A Party

How To Rent A Casino Table For A Party

Article by Orson Dixon

Are you planning for a party? Why not start with a casino night! People enjoy the thrills of casinos and are passionate about the unique experience that places like Las Vegas provides. A market segmentation study for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority in 2010 revealed that 38 percent of the market consists of core customers who love Las Vegas. Further, this survey also validates why Las Vegas is rightly called the Entertainment Capital of the World. By arranging a variety of games and prizes, cuisine, music and entertainment; you can recreate a mini Vegas atmosphere in your party.

To impart an authentic touch of Vegas, you will need to find a party rental which offers casino tables for rent. Here are some tips on choosing the best rental company –

If you are organizing a fund raiser, a sales meeting, or a theme party at home, the space available would certainly differ. Accordingly, rent the number of casino tables to fit your party area.

Keep some free space between tables so that guests who want to watch the players in action can do so without obstructing others. Choose the type of games you wish to have at your party. Blackjack and roulette are popular choices. You could also add poker, craps, and a money wheel.

Take help of party consultants of the rental company in planning your event. Share details with them about the number of guests that you are inviting, the length of time you expect them to stay at your party, the menu and so on. Make final arrangements about the items that the casino table rental company will provide and those you have to arrange yourself.

Gaming equipment rental companies also offer special insurance coverage plan for the casino tables they rent. Paying a few dollars extra, to avail this insurance before your party, can save you large amounts in fines in case the rented tables are extensively damaged.

Further, if you want your company or charity logo on the table, find out whether the gaming equipment rental company will agree to make adequate arrangements.

You may have to pay a deposit when you book the equipment. Clarify the company’s cancellation policy before you reserve casino tables for rent.

An experienced rental company can guide you on every detail required for organizing your party.

Casino tables for rent are available with Full House Casino Events, which has been in this field since 2001. They have organized hundreds of successful events before, so with their back up you can be sure of making your casino parties an eventful one!

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