4 approaches to make your Word document “slim”

We shall speak about some related to your working environment daily work. Did the following situation be encountered by you? You wish to send an with a Word file addition, however the email cannot be send out trigger the Word file is too big. And you spend many efforts for making the record thin. You can decide to try these techniques, which can decrease the size a lot.

1. Save your self as

In Menu, choose “File > Save As”, and save the document with a fresh name. You can evaluate the new file with original one; you will realize that the file size of new one is significantly smaller.

You can even work in this manner. Select the whole content of the document, copy and paste it to a fresh blank document and save it. Again, you’ll that file size of two documents differs.

2. Delete old versions

The file size will be larger, if there are many old versions kept in the file. In Menu, choose “File > Version”, check always to see when there is any old version saved. Those versions can be deleted by you with no value to make the record lean.

3. Place image correctly

“Insert Picture” is among the major causes for the word report get fat. Attempt to put a smaller image. You should use visual editor to reduce the size of picture before insert to the file. The extendable must use GIF or JPG and don’t use these high-resolution image, like BMP.

4. Do not “Embed True Sort Font”

“Embed True Type Font” will increase how big word file. In Menu, choose “Tools > Options”, transition to “Save” tab page. Confirm that your concept record don’t have any legitimate type font, and end the “Embed True Type Font” selection. If you introduce true variety font, then pick “Embed characters in use only”.

Decide to try the above mentioned four methods, you will see your word report getting slim.Darren from Dardee Bookkeeping

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Revesby NSW 2212

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