7 Card Stud Hi Lo Basics

A thrilling version of poker is Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, wherein the pot money may be shared by 2 players. Here, we go:

3rd Street: The dealer begins from his left to distribute three cards to each of the players, while 2 are dealt facing down the 3rd card, or 3rd Street faces up. The participant with the lowest card showing face-up is required to start with a bet called a “bring in.” This may be a small amount or as demanded by the ‘bring in” rules of the game. The participant has the choice of placing a full wager of the lesser wagering amount, then wagering proceeds to the left of the low-card participant.

4th Street: Once the betting round is completed, every participant is dealt another face up card, known as the “fourth street,” this time the betting begins from the participant with the highest card showing. As per rules, the participant may opt to check or place a bet. Now, it becomes different from Seven Card Stud, as no double-sized wager is permitted if a participant succeeds in making a pair on 4th Street, and the amount of the wager has to be a low limit wager. Beginning from 4th Street onward, it’s the participant with the highest cards showing who has to be the first to wager.

Fifth Street and 6th Street: At the end of betting round, every participant gets his fifth card (Fifth Street) which is again facing-up, followed by another round of betting. Then, the 6th card is dealt face up, (called 6th Street) followed by another round of betting.

7th Street or the River: The 7th and last card is dealt face-down to all the participants. Clearly, this card is known only to the participant who gets it. Again, the initial participant to start is the one with the highest value of exposed cards. That’s the final round of betting and in case there is more than one participant left out, it’s time for the Showdown.

The Showdown – Determining the Hi and Lo Winners: When we have more than one participant at the end of the last betting round, the last bettor shows his cards 1st. In case there were no bets in the last round, the participant at the initial seat displays his card initial. Rest of the hands is shown in a clockwise direction on the table. The participant possessing the best hand comprising of 5 cards (“Hi”) claims half the pot while the other half goes to the best low hand (“LO”).

If no hand qualifies as low hand, the entire pot is won by the best hi combination. It should be noted that, in this variation, the prerequisite for winning the low is an ‘eight or better’, indicating that a participant is necessarily required to have a 5-card hand without any pair, and it should comprise of every card being less than or equal to eight. In case none of the participants meet with that requirement, no one qualifies as low. If 2 or more participants happen to have similar low or high hands, the pot is shared equally among them all. Learn about poker variations and check out a poker glossary at BonusBonusBonus.com.

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