All a dancer needs to learn about patellofemoral knee pain.

Weak legs and pain underneath the knee cap is common in dancers. This type of pain can frequently occur when the students are performing more jumping, or lengthy rehearsals, such as for instance in front of you show or an assessment. Pain underneath the knee cap can be quite a ‘monitoring’ issue, in that the knee cap isn’t slipping in the rhythm of one’s thigh bone the way it should.

There are numerous possible good reasons for this. One could be the coming in of the legs and knees, which we’re all conscious of. If the dancer is certain that she is still has pain, and not coming, there could be a problem with one of the Quadriceps muscles on the front of the thigh. ‘Quad’ suggests four, and you will find four muscles that produce up the majority of the majority of the leg. There is one particularly that’s very important, Vastus Medialis Oblique – abbreviated as VMO.

This muscle is on the interior part of the quads party, and is the knee cap that can be pulled by the only part somewhat in. All of the others pull it out just a little. The knee cap can get drawn down to at least one side, if this muscle isn’t working, and the under surface can rub a little too much against the leg bone when you are moving or bending the knees.

If it is working precisely so just how are you able to tell?

Lay on the floor with the legs extended. Then sit on a with the feet on a floor, In the event that you cant sit comfortably similar to this.

Put your finger recommendations on your knee 5cm (2 inches) up from your own knee cap and in towards the inside leg only a little (3cm, or just over an inch).

Gradually extend you leg entirely, and if you could have the muscle tighten under your hands see

Test both legs to see if there’s a difference, especially if you’ve one leg that’s sorer than the other.

This muscle may stop working when there’s pain in the leg, even if you’ve just pulled it, so if you realize that one is really a bit sluggish, it’s time to start working on it. Usually it just takes a small attention and mind power to get it to change back on again, but a huge difference can be made by this to your pain. More advanced exercises should be properly used once activation of the VMO is reached and should be led by way of a qualified medical expert.The Body Mechanic

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