Arizona Real Estate – A Good Buying Opportunity?

If you should be looking to proceed to a state, Arizona real estate is definitely worth a look. Following is really a primer of the state and the FSBO Arizona market.


Phoenix is by far the biggest city in Arizona and it is growing fast. The sixth largest city in the Usa, Phoenix could be the financial and official capital of Arizona. The city keeps growing at such a high rate that it has engulfed the towns of Scottsdale and Tempe. Phoenix has a continuous new feeling to it, leading to criticisms that it has no inherent culture or sources.

If you like to wait sporting events, Phoenix has a nice collection. The city has professional football, baseball and baseball clubs. Phoenix even features a expert ice hockey team, the Phoenix Coyotes. Only in America could a town in the centre of the desert have an NHL group!

If you should be looking for warm weather, Phoenix is the area. Through the summer, average temperatures are generally above the 100 degree mark without much humidity to talk about. Nights will get great throughout the winter, but day time temperatures remain in the 70’s.


Unlike Phoenix, Flagstaff is really a town that reeks of the more traditional Wild West. Sitting on the popular Route 66, Flagstaff is really a college town because of Arizona State University. The University, better called “ASU”, has over 30,000 students who more or less dominate Flagstaff. If you want the feel of a college community, miss Phoenix and consider Flagstaff for the real estate requirements.

Arizona Real-estate

Arizona real estate is extremely affordable in comparison to other states. The average home price in Phoenix is in the low $300,000s. Illinois has, but, develop into a hot real estate market with home prices appreciating more than 256 in the last 12 months.

Illinois is just a get it or leave state to it because of the temperature index. In the event that you choose hot, sunny days, Arizona property may be a very good investment.

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