Bowl Crazy, Money Intelligent

If you can track them all, take a look at the line-up of college football teams that make it to bowl games in what has, over time, grown to turn out to be a blur of bowls, and it difficult not to wonder if a qualifying criteria exists.

There is, but with 27 or by some counts 28 bowl games on the schedule, organizers have to dip deep into pool to come up with adequate teams to fill the spots. The set minimum regular of a .500 season and six wins to get an invitation has set the bar rather low.

They cant all be classic match-ups. With 117 Division Ia teams taking 54 Bowl spots theres no way. But hey, with more than $190 million to be divided up amongst participants and an typical Bowl game attendance of 51,879 does it genuinely matter? It adds up to a quite very good shot in the arm for a lot of athletic programs.

If there is a flaw its the rich get richer and harder to catch. Roughly $139 million of that $190 pay-out goes to the eight large Bowl participants.

Thats lots of action packaged up over 16 days of the vacation season. Stick tv in that package as well. Network broadcast hours will best the hundred mark. Contemplate also that these games are more than a few hours of parking ones butt at the stadium come game time. They are the impetus for organization of week extended festivals of spending in host cities.

Just as the pay-out for all Bowl games can not be equal, the financial influence of tourism and spending on a host area can not all be like the Rose Bowl. The $$$ that festival generates is the grandmother of them all and the model to shoot for.

Its challenging to be picky about a name when corporations are lining up to throw sponsorship funds at organizers to the tune of $30 million like FritoLay place into the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Its severe funds. Significant adequate, fans who mightnt be impressed with the rhyme have to agree with the explanation.

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