Does Google Actually Hate SEO’s?

Effectively in this authors humble opinion, No! Google does not hate SEO’s, or at least search engine optimisation performed by ethical Seo businesses – what would be the point?

Confident make life tough for men and women trying to manipulate the search engine outcomes, but in terms of hat…

Right after reading a couple of current articles, some straight saying that Google hates SEO’s and other individuals becoming more stealthy in their aspersions, the query has to be asked. Does Google really hate SEO’s?

Properly in this authors humble opinion, No! Google does not hate SEO’s, or at least search engine optimisation performed by ethical Search engine optimization companies – what would be the point?

Confident make life challenging for individuals attempting to manipulate the search engine final results, but in terms of hating an business, I would have to draw the line brief of that (though possibly some of our much less industrious spam-friendly buddies may require their wings clipping somewhat).

To be brutally sincere, I can see no reason for Google, or any other search engine, to hate SEO’s. Search engine optimisation, I would suggest, is a single of the essential factors why search engines have turn into as efficient as they currently are in refining their results.

We search engine marketeers, at the finish of the day, want our campaigns to function and rely heavily on a ROI focussed service. For this reason, all aspects of the advertising and marketing mix have to be working in synergy, so relevance and targeting are basic aspects of all our campaigns. Essentially, this is what Google wants – great top quality, relevant results.

Google have also supplied a wealth of tools, aimed at supplying marketeers and potential marketeers with adequate information to market their web sites – whether it be suggestions, webmaster tools, API access or blogs. Surely such activity is a clear indication of support and not a case of attempting to minimise the impact of would be search engine marketeers.

Above all, most search engine advertising and marketing agencies do not just supply Search engine marketing, they offer you paid search (PPC) as effectively. Surely if the search engines annoy these agencies by attacking Search engine optimization, they run the danger of affecting paid search invest. Google, Yahoo and MSN work very closely with agencies as regards their paid search campaigns, so it is logical to assume that to alienate the Seo activity of an agency would certainly effect on paid search as properly. Also a lot of a financial threat I would have thought!

Eventually, the question “Does Google truly hate SEO’s?” boils down to 1 key element. What commercial rewards could there possibly be in curtailing Search engine optimisation activity?

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