Exactly what is Product Configurator Software?

Understanding of Product Configurator Software

If the extent and tremendous attributes of product configurator software could be summed up in a handful words, product configuration software helps individual users to plan and quote custom goods, generate sales proposals, develop 3D configurations by method of CAD models and drawings, generate BOMs, automate engineering, and speed up sales.

Being Familiar With Some Key Options

Automate Solid Works: This software operates as a Solid Works configurator and assists the task of engineers and drafters when meeting buyer requests. Instead of just using time replicating the same methods and instructions, this kind of program helps establish a template model and layout rules for a product line. Elementary characteristics are set up that are related to adjustable fields where users can setup desirable and unique product characteristics. Automation covers:

• Changing dimensions,

• Eliminate/Unsuppress specifications & components;

• Add and mate materials in assembly;

• Nest configurators for elaborate model trees;

• Change or use unique features;

• Substitute features;

• Apply, hide or show drawing views, notes, size and sheets

• Save in a range of file formats

What was once a tedious and repeating undertaking is now lessened to a template and makes it possible for easy customization for desired product lines.

AutoCAD Configurator: If your company makes use of AutoCAD, this type of system will also help out in relieving the formation of models and drawings by making template models and drawing design rules for a product line.

Sales Proposals: When creating sales proposals, this product can help in boosting sales proposals by removing the need for intricate pricing variables and multiples dependent on customer, product type, region and other factors relevant within the company. This product makes it possible for users to automate quotes and proposals, backlinking directly to databases and spreadsheets. This yields accurate quotes and proposals within minutes and permits the sales team to totally focus on more relevant and vital activities.

BOMs: Configurator software assists with making bill of material for new and prototype products. These products are brand new, never been built. Producing a correct BOM for product configuration can be an intimidating and substantial responsibility. This software creates standards that establish the BOM for new and custom product designs by linking resources and info from multiple sources.

Compatibility: This software tends to be compatible with existing structures and software to scale down the learning curve required. Systems such as the CRM and ERP software of Sales Force, Oracle, and SAP or PDM systems such as Enterprise PDM and DB Works work efficiently with this software.

This system is undoubtedly full of useful qualities that can diminish tedious and time-consuming duties. Knowing how to employ this software to its fullest potential can be overwhelming. However, most provider companies, knowing how beneficial this software can be, are more than happy to help out possible clients to find out whether this product is well-suited for their business or not. Additionally, trial and demos are available for checking out and assistance is made available in the course of and after implementation.

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