Ford F-150 FX2: A Hot Choose-Up Truck!

Often automakers truly do listen to shoppers. In the case of Ford, particularly with its crowd pleasing F-150 pick-up truck, Ford not only is listening, but delivering. What am I speaking about? A hot-rod pick-up truck, thats what. Thats right, Ford is going ahead with plans to industry a truly boss version of its perennially best promoting truck, the F-150, to give several fans just what they have wanted. Study on for a sneak preview of Fords soon to be released FX2, a dream-come-accurate for avid Ford lovers.

With gas rates approaching record levels, some are questioning Fords choice to release but another version of its extremely well-liked complete sized pick-up truck, the F-150. But, demand for massive trucks and SUVs continues to remain powerful suggesting that size really does matter for many customers. True, a smaller truck can be sufficient for some motorists nevertheless most contractors need the massive carrying capacity of the F-150 therefore the continued high demand of these sorts of trucks. Plus, critical pick-up truck drivers will tell you that there is absolutely nothing that matches the abundant capacity of an eight foot bed in carrying every little thing from lumber to yard debris to sport gear and a lot more.

As it is with numerous truck owners, function is one particular issue even though styling is but yet another. Base versions of the F-150 are appealing and capable enough, but sport concepts have continued to create so much buzz that Ford is responding to customer demand by developing the FX2. Especially, the new model is in response to the overwhelmingly positive buzz a concept version has been getting at auto shows everywhere.

So, what separates the FX2 from the typical F-150? Lots, such as the following characteristics as shared by Ford in a current press release announcing the new model:

— a dark billet grille

— a sporty, deep front valance

— clear headlights paired with platinum bezels

— monochromatic paint scheme that blends in the bumper, side mirrors, and door handles with the rest of the truck

— chrome exhaust tip

— 18 inch wheels

— black captain chairs with red stitching, available in clothe or in leather

— flow-by means of center console with floor shifter

Engine choices havent been announced, but Ford has stated that its common 5.4L V8 will be presented. The FX2, a two wheel drive car, will complement an current off road model, the FX4. Ford builds a lot more versions of its full sized choose up truck than any other manufacturer in the globe.

Yes, the FX2 is another element of Fords Bold Moves promotional campaign. Even though the new model is primarily based on an existing truck, it does one thing that Ford is finally finding out to do correct: listen to its buyers. With the 2007 F-150 FX2, it seems that Ford has responded with certainty.

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