Getting My After School Program Accredited

Getting accreditation for my afterschool program took a significant amount of research and time, but now my organization is a trusted part of my neighborhood. There are many organizations that need accreditation. Adoption agencies and military family preparedness programs need accreditation. Because each organization is significantly different, each accreditation process is unique.

Initially, finding accreditation can be a difficult task. Getting eligibility for a program or agency through the Coalition of Accreditation (COA) or Hague Accreditation is needed for any nonprofit company, private or public. Getting accreditation will solidify policies and practices in your organization to guarantee your legitimacy in the neighborhood and safety for your agency.

When I decided to have my afterschool program accredited, I went online to find local accreditation services that were COA – and Hague-approved. There were plenty of choices in my area. While some focused on group home policy templates or outpatient policies, my program required child welfare accreditation and a client service plan.

There are plenty off accreditation companies but there are couple of that are customizable to each organization. Because there are several different agencies and organizations, finding the right treatments that meet Hague accreditation policies or COA accreditation is essential. Some organizations have client service plan templates or group home policy and procedures templates.

For my after school program, however, creating policies was more in-depth than simply choosing templates. Some services will work one-on-one with your organization to discover ways to meet COA accreditation standards or Hague’s. Make sure you heavily research COA and Hague accreditation standards. This will make the procedure for you and the accreditation company easier. No one understands your program better than you— if you know what it requires, you could understand the best ways to get it.

As soon as my afterschool program’s policies and forms were accepted by the Hague and COA, my company ran smoothly. Using guidelines for COA accreditation and forms that were designed with my accreditation service, I was able to become a reputable part of my community. I was also able to make sure the safety of my volunteers and the students who took advantage of my program.

Anyone could begin a non-profit organization. Getting accreditation will make your program more safe and effective. If it is running smoothly, it will be able to help more individuals. Prior to choosing an accreditation service, find the best one in your location and do not hesitate to do plenty of study and ask more questions. Eventually, you are attempting to make your area a better place. With accreditation, you can assure your staff and those you are helping that it is a legitimate and liable program.

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