Hearing Loss

Diagnosis of Deafness and Hearing Loss

Many men and women have reported that it is typically difficult to get a specific diagnosis and causes for their hearing loss and deafness.

As with many medical circumstances there are usually a high number of causes and individual circumstances to think about, even when utilizing the most sophisticated diagnosis engineering it is really difficult to give an precise diagnosis.

It is broadly considered that there are two principal causes for hearing loss & deafness in patients.

Sensorineural Hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common trigger of deafness in the UK.

This diagnosis relates to damage to the nerves with in the ear and is typically referred to as nerve deafness.

Inside the cochlea in the inner ear are hair cells which pass information on sound impulses through nerves to the brain. Any damage that impairs this transfer of this information from the hair cells of the inner ear to the auditory nerve and ultimately the brain will trigger Sensorineural Hearing.

Instance causes for Sensorineural Hearing Loss contain

Aging Procedure – As we get older we can loose of hair cells in the cochlea and this is often accountable for hearing loss for these more than six.

Acoustic Trauma – very loud noises can harm hair cells.

Infections – These can trigger loss of hair cells i.e. mumps or meningitis

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing loss is basically brought on by obstruction in the outer ear which prevents or inhibits sound passing to the inner ear.

This can be brought on by anything that interferes with the transmission of sound from the outer to the inner ear, such as

Ear infections

Glue ear

Construct up of wax,

Harm to the ossicles or perforated eardrum

Hearing aids are an clear option to aid with hearing loss. There are numerous kinds and style readily available to suit most users demands, and can support enhance the customers life style.

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