Hearing Test

Step one is for your GP to physically examine your hearing. Having an instrument with a at the end, named an or otoscope, they’ll try to find anything that is not regular, including; discharge, a ear drum, perforated ear drum or a thing that could be stopping the ear.

You may also be asked about any pain or distress which you may be experiencing.

Tests include whispering or ticking watch, adjusting pay, audiometry or bone oscillator:

Whispering or utilizing a ticking watch. One hearing at a time will be blocked and the nurse or doctor will test your reading with sounds of different volumes. In the whispering test, you may need to repeat what out loud, when you hear them whispered.

Tuning fork. A tuning fork is really a Y-shaped metallic object which, when tapped, produces sound waves at a fixed pitch. It is generally employed for tuning instruments. Medical practioners work with a tuning fork by touching it on the shoulder or knee, to produce it vibrate, then holding it at each side of one’s mind. It’ll be placed first in the air near your ear, to observe you hear sounds which can be transmitted through air vibrations. Then it might be used to the bone behind your ear (mastoid bone) to see how you can hear when the waves are transmitted to your inner ear through the bone.

Audiometry. In this test you are given earphones to wear, which are attached to a machine. Sounds of different amounts (volume) are performed through the headphones, and you’ve to indicate whether you heard them. You may have to raise a hand or press a button. Young ones may need to move a coloured stop.

Bone oscillator. A slightly different test can be used to test how you hear sounds that are sent through the bone as opposed to the air. This uses a guitar called a bone oscillator placed against the bone behind your ear.

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