How To Set Up A Quarantine Container For Tropical Fish

Do I Need A Quarantine Tank?

Ah, yes, the often ignored but very essential part of the tropical fish hobby, the infamous quarantine tank. You don’t need anyone to be successful in this activity?

For freshwater fish maybe you are in a position to make do with out one. Freshwater fish are generally more worthy of captivity since they are frequently tank raised and do not seem to use in disease as quickly as their saltwater counterparts. But, if recently acquired fish do drop with something, you’ll certainly wish that you had one ready to go. One just bought fish that is presented to your main tank can very quickly get rid of the entire tank populace. Better safe than sorry, right?

For saltwater tank owners, I would say that you definitely need a quarantine tank. Marine individuals are mainly wild caught and not used to being kept in captivity. Their trip to a dealers container is usually much longer and much more demanding for them. Stressed out fish will often fall with some sort of infection if they do not only die from the entire trial. Saltwater fish owners will most likely have other things in the primary show tank such as invertebrates and live rock, they don’t desire to show to the unpleasant treatments required to treat 1 or 2 fish. Some drugs can wipe out all the invertebrates in a tank, so be sure to study any medicine before using it in your tank.

Quarantine Container Setup

You do not have to go all out here. A straightforward 10 – 20 gallon aquarium may suffice for most of us. If you have greater fish then certainly you want to get a more impressive quarantine tank. All you could absolutely need is just a bare bones setup with these equipment:

Some type of filtration (a hang on the rear of the tank power filter will work, just use filter floss without the carbon since medication will be removed by carbon from the water, being counter productive)


A powerhead and/or an airstone for increased area disappointment

Test Kits for pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate

Fish Net – don’t utilize the same net for the primary tank

Complete the quarantine tank with water from the primary tank and then turn every thing on in the tank.

Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Quarantine

For newly acquired fish you will want to acclimate them to the water in the quarantine tank and monitor them very closely for an interval of two to three weeks. Check the water parameters with your test products and search for signs of parasites or bacterial infections.

You’ll need to use the right medication if the recently acquired fish does come down with something and you’ll need to keep them in quarantine for another fourteen days to be sure that you have indeed treated them effectively. If after having a couple weeks no problems develop, you are able to then acclimate them to the main tank water and then add them.

If a fish precipitates with something while in your main tank, just net them and plop them to the quarantine tank. There must be no need to acclimate them because water was used by you from your main tank. If water wasn’t used by you from the main tank you’ll have to acclimate them to the quarantine tank water. Detect the problem/disease and treat appropriately. After the condition clears up you’ll still desire to hold the fish in quarantine for weekly roughly monitoring the water boundaries together with your test kits the complete time.

More On Saltwater Quarantine

Also have some extra ocean ready just in case you need to perform a crisis water change. Remember, you want to monitor those water boundaries frequently (daily or at least one time every two days). Several saltwater hobbyists also have saltwater ready in the event. You won’t ever wish to mix up ocean and add it straight away. Freshly combined saltwater could be fairly toxic to fish, consequently causing more problems.


Freshwater hobbyists may get away with not using a tank, but ocean hobbyists would be mad not using one. Save yourself some cash, headaches and specially the fish having a quarantine tank. The fish in your primary tank will many thanks because of it.R & B Plumbing and Heating

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