Implication Of The Lunar Eclipse – March three, 2007

We will have the very first lunar eclipse of 2007 on March 3 at roughly 1120 GMT. This eclipse will not be visible in most of the United States. On the East Coast of the United States the penumbra will be visible.In this eclipse the sun will be in Aquarius and the moon in Leo. The sun (ego / Atman) is in spot of self-doubt, top to humility (Aquarius). The moon (Heart / emotions), is in location of self-self-confidence and projection (Leo). However both of these energies are eclipsed by the luminaries. We are getting challenged to universalize our individual power, and orient our constant actions toward a aim that is advantageous to all. Sustaining our self-esteem and a wholesome emotional outlook while willingly subjugating our individual desires is becoming tested.This brings several possibilities in romantic relationships, due to the fact considerably of the time it is our selfish nature that eclipses our partners wants, and the connection itself.In this eclipse, the ego is getting eclipsed in the sign exactly where we doubt our private power, in search of humility. The nurturing and tender heart is becoming eclipsed in the sign exactly where we usually assert our individual power.

Culturally, this eclipse is a foreshadowing of the subsequent six months, where we will be tested to subjugate our individual requirements for more progressive causes and humanistic ones. Possibly we will ultimately decided not to consume animals basically since they taste good maybe we will determine that we can actually ride our bike or stroll somewhere rather than waste gasoline. Perhaps we will grow to be much more effective in recycling. Possibly we will make a decision the only turn the water on when we want to wash off the toothbrush, rather than leave it operating needlessly, mindlessly. Maybe will turn the light off after we leave the space, etc.

Bringing complexity to this mix is a retrograde Mercury joined the sun. There are some true possibilities for communication mishaps that force these private and social compromises. In reality, we may possibly be seeing the effects of this placement currently. Usually the whole month of an eclipse cycle begins a foreshadowing of the key themes. Notice the stock marketplace corrected itself final week and most shocking of all, Brittany Spears lastly checked into rehab. (Then checked out again, or at least thats according to People, Entertainment Tonight had a various story and yes does this mean K-Fed gets the little ones now?) oh yes, maybe we will quit paying interest to silly celebrities and there lives and start paying interest to our own life, spiritual progress and troubles.

This eclipse is happening with two exulted planets, Mars and Venus which also foretells in importance on personal problems for the next six months in specific, strengthening both our masculine and feminine natures. Having the courage to know what to fight for and when (Mars) and how to fight and why (Venus) will also be problems on the table.

All-natural Disasters

This particular eclipse also has the ominous possibility of some natural disasters. As with all full moons particularly, earthquakes and seismic activity increases about these times. Notice on the south Indian chart to the correct, retrograde Saturn and Mars are both very close to the eclipse axis, right subsequent to it. If you visualize the earth in the middle of this chart, youll see each planet except Jupiter and Venus are either joined the sun and moon or in the adjacent sign.

In this case there are 3 planets on one side of the earth and four planets on the other side of the earth. Each of them asserting their gravitational force in opposite directions. This gravitational force tends to open the tectonic plates in the earths crust, which leads to seismic activity.

This weekend we could see some significant seismic activity: earthquakes, volcanoes, and so forth.

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