Is Womens Car Insurance Merely A Marketing Gimmick?

Women’s car insurance has been appearing all around the net and our TV screens recently. There’s a whole new class of providers like Sheila’s Wheels and Cover Girl who provide car insurance for ladies only. They promise lower payments for women motorists because, they claim, it’s cheaper for them to insure women. Women are better drivers so less chance, they say. They’ve fewer accidents, fewer driving convictions and when they do have an, the repairs are often cheaper. So, is it actually true, or is it yet another advertising gimmick?

The answer to the issue is both yes and no. Women only insurance companies are advertising to a specific market – women drivers. Needless to say it is a device, but just like the most readily useful advertising jokes, it is situated in fact. Listed below are the reality about women drivers and insurance:

-92% of driving convictions are given out to men.

As women be aggressive individuals, these numbers are changing, although. According to statistics gathered by the automobile insurance contrast website, 16.8% of male drivers have convictions on their driving record, when compared with 9.8% of female drivers. That amount is up from 4.8% of female owners just 36 months before.

-Men drive differently than women.

A year ago a huge 98% of dangerous driving beliefs were given out to male people. According to all the research, men tend to be competitive and more aggressive driving than women, and that naturally results in more incidents. Women have a tendency to drive more slowly – usually within the speed limits – and to drive shorter distances. All of those facts total up to women that are involved by fewer accidents. (Therefore much for all those jokes about bad women drivers. The statistics say otherwise.)

-Insurance companies spend out less in damages for policies taken out by women.

They tend to be of the fender-bender scrape variety, when women do get into an incident. Total, insurance companies have always known that female drivers cost them less in payouts.

However, that doesn’t necessarily translate to the cheapest costs from women that are only insured by companies. Actually, many provide real quotes which can be higher than the price you had be quoted from the more common motor insurance carrier. The fact remains that despite the widespread sentiment that females drivers underwrite their more expensive male counterparts by paying higher insurance, most insurance companies offer lower insurance rates to female drivers as a customary part of working.

That’s not to express that you’ll not get the most useful price from an insurer who just guarantees women’s vehicles. The bottom line could be the same as it is with any other vehicle insurance decision. Look around. Get insurance rate quotes from the quantity of different businesses before you decide on the policy that is best for you. When you are evaluating plans that you should always compare like with like remember. Determine the cover before you begin seeking quotes that you need, and make sure that the rate you’re quoted includes most of the cover you need. It is the only real method to be sure you are having the most readily useful cover for your money.

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