Jaguar For Me; Jag For You?

The British automaker, Jaguar, has truly moved it up a step over the past decade. Dont tell the British, but Ford Motor Companys purchase of the venerable model likely saved the business from oblivion. The cat is back. Continue reading for changes relating to this feline marquee.

I’ve a friend, his name shall remain anonymous to guard the guilty, and whose understanding of Jaguar is fairly limited to put it kindly. Both of us enjoy cars, particularly strong American coupes, and the occasional sedan or hot wagon, like the Dodge Magnum. When Lincolns new LS made its debut significantly more than five years back I said the way the Ford Motor Company crafted both it and the Jaguar S form from the same program and that was the very first shared venture between your two organizations ever. As he considered what I had said my pal was perplexed. He then retorted, how do Ford and GM develop from the exact same car? Huh?! I was mystified initially, however I understood his ignorance was typical of many Americans regarding the British automaker: they only didn’t know the brand.

Regrettably for Jaguar beyond displays such as Masterpiece Theatre, very few Americans outside of major cities were knowledgeable about the Jaguar brand. Today, that’s all changed. With the introduction of a sedan, the S type and the X type an sedan, Americas understanding of Jaguar or Jag-you-are as some are want to articulate it has changed dramatically and for the greater. Jaguar however provides greater sedans including the XK and the XJ, however it is the smaller cars that are receiving the most notice and creating the revenue for Jaguar and badly needed income.

Even more later on, Jaguar is truly set to pounce. An brand new XK8, a rear wheel drive coupe. Making from Jaguar history, the XK8 could have a generally aluminum veneer, with woods such as poplar and maple recommended. Selling at $75K the XK8 is likewise sold as a convertible.

Additional coupes and an SUV are also being prepared and it’s expected that the wider selection of vehicles may grow the company in the US along with in the UK. Gone are the times of V12 Jaguars, however in its place are some really exceptional cars that are certain to capture the attention of the car buying public.

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