Just how to Sell A Diamond

There are numerous explanations why you may want

To market a stone that you have. Probably

youve gotten divorced, or you’re secured

for cash. Why dont actually subject

Obtaining the best possible price is what

counts! How you can receive the best value

for the stone is to perhaps not be in a hurry. Slow

down, and vigilantly consider your entire

Possibilities there are numerous.

First, have the stone estimated. In fact,

Own it evaluated by two or three jewelers to

get an accurate notion of the diamonds price.

Tell the appraiser that you want the Rapaport

Value. Here is the value of the

Stone, and it basically informs you the best

price as possible sell your diamond for. If your

diamond doesn’t have certificate, you need to

consider finding a certificate from GIA. That

Will help you obtain a better price for the

Stone as well.

First, sell the stone yourself, to

people you know. Friends and family

members could be interested. If you dont have

any luck with friends or family members, you

Must turn to outside sources. Positively

avoid pawn retailers! A pawn shop is only going to offer

you about a huge number of what the diamond is worth!

Also avoid offers of attempting to sell the ring on

consignment. There are lots of items that

Could go wrong, and there is no shortage of

diamond cons even in well-known

jewelry shops.

If the diamond is important, you need to

Firmly consider auctioning it off through

Among the renowned auction houses, such as

Christies or Sothebys. When it isnt what is

considered an important diamond or perhaps a

high-end stone, make an attempt to market it

to someone using classified ads, and on occasion even

eBay. But, trying to sell to an individual that

you don’t know can put you in danger

Especially when the stone may be worth a lot of


Your final option should be a jewelry store. It

Is critical that you perhaps not let your diamond out of

your sight while in the jewelry store you

Will dsicover that the stone you walked in

with is not the exact same diamond that you go

out with! The jeweler will endeavour to inform that to you

your stone is of low quality or low

weight. Undoubtedly, you will have some

Issue with the stone. This really is where

your evaluation and/or certification will come

in handy.

If the jeweler is reasonable, they will provide you with

between 60% and 80% of the value of the

Rapaport Price. Do not accept such a thing less

than this. Again, don’t let the stone out of

your sight and soon you have now been paid for it.

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