Ladbrokes One Of The Top Betting Websites

Venus Williams VS Stefanie Voegele

Ladbrokes Sports Betting is well-known among the many prominent Sports wagering websites, offering more than two million registered users from over 200 countries an extensive number of wagering opportunities. Established in 1886 as a UK registered company, it started out as a small bookmaker and has grown into one of the world-prominent online wagering websites employing 14,000 staff in the UK with an additional 2,000 staff stationed abroad. At any given time, the website is hosting around 767,000 users, providing services in nine languages and transacting in 17 currencies using the most safe banking services in the industry. The website employs some of the most reliable security features to ensure that users can have absolute peace of mind while placing bets at this website. Like many of the other online wagering websites, Ladbrokes has used thirteen customized websites to offer a wide array of wagering types in sports and other areas. The website provides wagering types in sports, poker, casino events, bingo, financial and lotteries, and horse racing under the brand name.

Registration can be done at a single place using the website’s central console. Players can access all events from a central location, making it easy for anyone to navigate the website, and enjoy a wonderful wagering experience. After registering, a users can login to select any events to make a bet on. The simplicity of the interface has given great value to the general wagering experience that is available at this website. The website provides a lot of materials to make users aware of responsible wagering and to help them to be more effective in placing bets. The website’s easy to use interface and informative materials are some of the key reasons that people continue to select Ladbrokes Sports Betting for gambling.

New users can get a free £50 bets on registering, by just placing the promotional code when it is requested. To give users a chance to become comfortable at the website, this online wagering host will return a free bet of the same value on bets from £5 to £50 that are staked if the player places the first bet on the day of registration on the website. With a wide spectrum of events and wagering opportunities available, this website provides one of the greatest wagering experiences in the online wagering world. The free bets offer becomes invalid if it is not used within seven days of receiving the offer.

Unique features offered by this website in offering wagering opportunities on horse races make Ladbrokes the premier website for wagering on horses, but it also provides outstanding odds on international sports and other events. Live commentary, analytics on the events and real time odds on numerous sporting events during the day, help users to make better decisions in placing their bets. Customers can customize their bets to increase winnings and make special bets over/under, total goals and many more that can be placed before and during the match.

Continuously investing in state of the art technology has allowed Ladbrokes to stay ahead of the competition in online sports wagering. By maintaining extremely high security levels with the adoption of technology, this website has gained the confidence of many users throughout the world who can enjoy their favorite events while placing their bets with complete confidence. When it comes to wagering, having complete peace of mind that your money is in safe hands is as important as winning. Without compromising security or quality, Ladbrokes now provides apps for mobile devices to increase portability of the game for those users who are always on the move. With Ladbrokes sports wagering, a busy lifestyle is no reason to miss out on following your favorite sports, and placing bets. Betting and sports enthusiasts now have an easy way to engage in their favorite events no matter where they are, using this new feature. Learn about online sports betting and grab the best online bookmaker bonus at

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