Major Criteria For Domain Name Owners

The variety of people who engaged into getting, purchasing, and owning a domain names rises, as domain names continue to surface. This function for that reason results in a rise in number of the domain name owners. Provided such fact, serious dangers are recently presented by the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers or the ICANN with its Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy ( UDRP ) and the Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act ( ACPA ) to the innocent domain name owners.

Therefore, there appeared several factors for the domain name owners in order to avoid lack of their domain names. One of the factors that attention should be given by the domain name owners to lessen the danger of losing their domain names is always to get a trademark registration that match their particular domain name. This process is not too hard for the fact some of the countries today cater to this company and this is not really required by regulations to employ a hallmark company.

Following such concern for the innocent domain names owners welfare could be the work of keeping the Whois information updated. This really is regarded as essential because there are some cases where a court or the UDRP tribunal ruling against particular domain name owners based its judgment in line on incomplete or out of date Whois information. And after doing such move, the domain name owners must also check their Whois and Domain Name System information not just once but always.

Because it is a standard situation where the majority of the domain name owners fail to pay their registration fees and therefore eliminate their domain names, it is therefore necessary for the domain names owners to pay for such registration fees to keep their domain names in purpose and up to date. One significant support with this simple truth is that Whois information of certain domain name owners that’s old is only going to lead to the problem where their domain name registration cost never reached them.

And finally, in cases where someone contacts the domain name owners regarding their domain names, it’s important that they are conscious that regardless of how folksy or pleasant a letter could be from someone asking their domain names, any responses by the domain name owners that makes of the possible errors may probably create a suit or UDRP criticism taking advantage of the domain name owners error. But, if the domain name owners really be given a UDRP complaint, then it’s a time to respond the complaint, since the most UDRP decisions against the domain name owners are standard decisions that is where the domain name owner failed to respond to the complaint.

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