Massage Information For Consumers

– The massage therapist will ask questions in what caused you to get a massage.

– background information will be wanted by The massage therapist about your medical history, physical condition, lifestyle, anxiety levels and any painful areas.

– The massage therapist will ask what your quality of life goals are and will talk about how massage might help you achieve these goals.

– Within a one-on-one massage, you’ll be asked to get rid of clothing…

What should someone expect during a massage?

– The massage therapist can ask questions about what prompted a massage to be got by you.

– The massage therapist will require back ground information about your medical record, physical condition, lifestyle, anxiety levels and any painful areas.

– The massage therapist will ask what your health goals are and will discuss how massage might help you achieve those goals.

– During a one-on-one massage, you’ll be expected to remove clothing to your comfortableness. Clothing is not removed all through chair massages.

Consumers also must look into the next tips to help them locate a massage therapist who’s competent and trained.

– Have you been licensed to rehearse massage? (35 states have passed legislation to modify massage therapy)

– Have you been a part of the American Therapeutic Massage Association?

– Are you currently Nationally Authorized in Massage Therapy and Bodywork?

Massage Might Help Ease Your Pain

Millions of Americans are too acquainted with pain. There can be numerous trips to the responsibility of earning it through the day while enduring pain and the physician or chiropractor, pain drugs, sleepless nights.

Have you tried massage?

A current review by the American Hospital Association shows that almost 82 percent of hospitals that use some type of complementary or alternative treatment use massage therapy, with 70 percent of these hospitals using massage for pain relief and pain management.

A consumer study commissioned by the American Massage Association? (AMTA) shows that more people than ever would like massage to manage and relieve pain. The study demonstrates almost half, 47 percent, of the polled experienced a massage specifically for pain relief.

A 2003 study of 1,998 massage consumers showed that 63 percent thought massage therapy provided them greater pain alleviation than chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy and other bodywork.

Clinical research shows massage can:

– Become more effective for chronic back pain than other complementary therapies.

– Promote relaxation and reduce the perception of pain and anxiety in cancer patients.

– Reduce post-traumatic complications much better than cold group treatments.

– Lessen discomfort and muscle spasms in patients who have encountered heart bypass surgery when part of hospital-based surgery treatment.

– Stimulate mental performance to make endorphins.

– Improve confidence by encouraging people to effectively cope with their pain.

Speak to your physician about adding massage by a skilled massage therapist to your pain management program, when you have chronic pain. Locating a trained and certified massage therapist is important, therefore look for a member of AMTA.

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