More Facts About Playing Cards

There is more to playing cards than meets the eye. It is something that will take people out of boredom or maybe get to bond with others. But let us try to look deeper into the playing cards.

The playing cards that we know of – and play – today are commonly made from special heavy paper or paper coated with plastic, thin cardboard, or pure thin plastic. Typically sized to fit the palm of the hand when playing, each playing card has one side with a unique distinguishing mark while the other side, the back, has identical designs for that particular deck. The 52 cards in one deck of playing cards is divided equally into four suits, namely: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

There are historical evidences that playing cards originated in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty in the 9th century. The first card games were also originated by the Chinese during that same time. The faces of the cards were soon designed with characters from popular novels during the Ming dynasty.

Europe had its first taste of playing cards in 1377. The deck of cards that made its way to Europe from Egypt became known as Mameluke deck. It featured abstract designs and the names of military officers. Each deck had four suits, namely: polo sticks, coins, swords, and cups.

The evolution also applied to the technology or tools used in making these cards. It wasn’t until the 15th century when printed woodcut decks were used to decorate fabric and transfer to printing paper. In the 1430s, engraving came about and soon even engraved playing cards were made.

Soon after, in 1480, the French originated the four suits that are widely used in the world today ‘ the spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. If you look at the cards, you will clearly see the designs were drawn from the images of European royalty at the time. If you look at the modern playing cards today, you will definitely see this styling still.

It is a fact that in some places, their card games are unique and all their own. As a result, they need decks of cards that fit those games. Regional games in Italy such as Scopa or Briscola makes use of decks that only has 40 cards. Some countries value tradition highly and it shows even in how they design their deck of cards. The traditional Spanish deck, for instance, makes use of Latin in its suit symbols.

Thanks to modern technology, anyone can also have their own personalized deck of playing cards. It is now possible to have your own personal photographs or even pictures of nature or anything random be printed on the cards. Not only is it a good way to personalize the playing experience, it will also make the game much more fun.

You will be surprised to discover just how versatile these playing cards are. There are a lot of card games that you can play so you will never be bored. Having a customized design will only increase the enjoyment tenfold.

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