Obtaining The Safety of One’s Home With The Ancient Art of Feng Shui

I was elated to discover this detached house with a large garden that was readily available for rental in a suburb when I was first transferred to another town to work as an engineer.

It absolutely was found at a de sac, the house being the last house in the row. I thought it was perfect..quiet, recently built and with a great friend who was a banker.

Without reservation, I rented the my children and house changed in per week later.

I nearly lost my life, a couple of months later. I was travelling as a in a friend’s car when somebody lost get a grip on of his car, and crashed in to the Honda car I was travelling in, killing the front sitting passenger. I had a smashed face and was at the trunk, and was warded in the hospital and had to stay yet another month for medical treatment.

But how is this associated with the house I was staying in then?

In fact, I was never a lover of feng shui, the old asian art of geomancy.

When I was warded in the hospital, my neighbor who was a banker and also an asian scholar, visited me and begun to spill the beans.

The house where I was staying was facing bad “chi” or an atmosphere of bad environment was emancing from the house that was facing directly opposite my house. The tenant of this home was a who works as a “chanter” who performs the chanting service over the dead. It is a chinese procedure for those who have died, the chanting being equivalent to prayer to make the way easier for the dead spirits to leave.

According to my neigbor, every day when this monk returns household, he brings over the poor “chi” from the dead, and which in turn emants out towards the path of my home.

My spine was gone down by a shiver when I heard this news.

In my imagination, I really could almost see evil spirits third monk and gathering at his house before fanning out in the course of my home.

But what about my neighbor? How did he protect himself from this bad effect of “chi’?

“I hang out a mirror,” this chinese scholar said. This reflection when put outside displays and deflects the bad chi and mystically shields the inhibitants from ill effects and reduce the chances of evil. Here is the ancient art of feng shui at work”, he added.

3 months after the accident I recovered to leave the hospital, I wasn’t prepared to remain each day longer because rented house. Used to do perhaps not hang out a mirror. I had enough and the perfect solution is was to just shifted house. We moved out!

My banker neighbor friend was met by me 5 years in the future. I asked how he was. ” I’ve never been better,” he replied, ” and my mirror has always done its job.”

Yes, we could protect our ourselves, house and possessions with sophisticated burglar alarm systems. But apart from this, where we choose to believe in the anciet art of feng shui, a simple mirror is needed by us to be hung outside our home to defend against bad “chi” and evil.Are you a believer of the ancient asian art of feng shui?

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