On-line slots tournaments

You probably already know that several web casinos provide particular promotions for slots gamers, but what do you know regarding the World Series of Slots? The World Series of Slots is the most prestigious online slots games tournament offered online. All you need is to sign up at one of the internet casinos that participates in this series and be prepared for some incredible weeks playing and winning slots. Each week fifty online players can scoop rewards of a jackpot pool worth $25,000.

Each week 500 gamers might be rewarded with prizes throughout the four weeks competition and they are going to the final stage at the end of the tourney month. The three days of semifinal would be the ultimate test for the enthusiastic slot machine gamers to reach one of the prestigious leaderboard ranks. Rewards worth $50,000, $10,000 and $5,000 are handed to the three very best players from a prize pool worth $100,000.

The WSOP has become a yearly event at online casinos. No slot games participator should miss such an remarkable winning opportunity. The good thing about the WSOP, is that it’s free. The daily and weekly tourney rounds are enjoyed at a lot of different slot games and there is a game there for everyone. In order to train for such a tournament it is highly recommended to enjoy the offered slots at the participating online casinos in the demo or fun mode for beginners to familiarize you with the features, bonuses and free spin rounds. That also can assist you to play and relax. The moment you are prepared, you may show the other contestants who the slot games best is. You are! Endurance, wit and skill are the keys in order to win and scoop big money rewards.

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