Performing – The Agent Interview

This can be a serious terrifying question. Some one is asking about you and you are confronted with this type of broad and general opening line. How on The Planet would you answer?

When you finally get that most important meeting having an agent, as you possibly can be you desire to be as organized. You have probably produced copies of your most useful headshot along with your resum. Perhaps you’ve even produced a few monologues with you just in case the agent really wants to hear you read some thing by asking you to “show him what you can do.” But before it even gets to that, the initial area of the interview is usually very difficult. The reality is, the agent at the moment has probably already seen your headshot and resum and has probably also seen you in certain production, maybe a local play. But at the moment the agent desires to get to know you personally. Hw wants to understand how you present yourself to people in a company environment. Since you will be dealing with the agent in finding you work, he wants to be sure that you manage yourself professionally in a such a setting.

So the agent asks one to tell something to him about yourself. What can you tell him? Really, you need to prepare beforehand for this question. You do not want to be taken off guard. You wish to get ready for this problem, just as you have prepared resum, your headshots, the rest, and monologue. This is actually the opportunity to get some good knowledge as a writer. Here you’ll produce the exact monologue that you wish to identify your self. You must memorize it and practice it in the same way you would a movie script until you have complete confidence in saying it.

To get this done, think about what you need the agent to know about you. Do not just throw right back your resum. The agent has seen that. A few highlights can be however, mentioned by you,. When you have good training with a favorite college, mention this. Your representative will probably need to know that which you have already been doing. Tell him about any guide functions you’ve done. If not just a lead, pick a role you have performed that you especially enjoyed playing, even if it was a little part. Talk about what excites you about becoming an actor. Tell him what you enjoy about theater or television or whatever method you are most interested in. Tell him about any interesting hobbies that you have. Agents wish to see that you’re well rounded and not merely one dimensional. Well circular people often make good actors. Tell the agent everything you feel is exclusive about yourself. Keep your monologue to under a moment. Agents do not have plenty of time and want to get directly to the purpose.

Eventually, remember a very important factor. If an agent has asked you to an interview he’s already interested in it wasn’t so pushed by you. Act natural and be yourself. You’ll find that by not acting you will have your very best chance at getting this agent to represent you.

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