Productive Leadership for 21st Century Organisations

Classic leadership

Conventional leadership designs from the 19th and 20th Centuries tended to involve strict hierarchies, superiority, winners and losers. To lead, folks felt the need to have to prove they are greater than absolutely everyone else. Leadership was about power and its abuse, loneliness and affectations. In the latter portion of the 20th Century, there was a gradual decline in hierarchies which is evermore the case in the first decade of the 21st Century.

So how does this influence organization? What does it suggest about leadership and achievement in the twenty initial Century? Facets of leadership in the 21st Century. From our expertise, successful companies (be they higher good quality start off-ups or organizations searching for rapid growth), recognise new values important to their success. It is out with the old and in with:

flat structures

inclusive management style that involves all people in the organisation, not just senior management

openness and transparency

genuinely equal opportunities, regardless of race, ethnic origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and so on.

empowering i.e. committed to empowering every and every single member of the team.

Enlightened leadership

21st Century leadership is not about bullying and high-handedness or even intellectual or financial superiority. It is about playing to strengths, working around or minimising weaknesses, authenticity and not getting fazed by challenges. Above all, it is about becoming straight in communications both internally and externally.

Effective language

The new style is about can-do mentality and about avoiding disempowering language. Words such as Ill try to or I require you to… and other indirect language undermine the communication: trying to do anything is preparing for failure, not taking personal responsibility for causing something to take place. Using language that suggests there is another purpose for why someone ought to do some thing rather than simply that you want them to do it makes men and women look weak so, needing a person to do anything is in truth hardly ever genuine and should usually be replaced by I want you to do X please or some equivalent straight communication.

Walking the talk

Last but not least, leadership in the 21st Century is about walking the talk of the organisation. However, the organisation initial needs to be clear about what it is speaking about before it can stroll it and then it wants to make certain that it is constant in everything it does: this is anything from internal relations (with colleagues) through to external relations with customers, suppliers and the public at law.

Making it genuine

We feel that law is the glue of society, the structure behind relationships that either has them work or not. A leader has to make confident that all of his/her relationships function. Exactly where the relationships are recognised as being critical to the organisation (and we cannot conceive of an organisation where they are not), unique consideration requirements to be paid to generating confident that all documented relationships are consistent with the values of the organisation and the style of leadership. Are your communications straight, open, honest and fair? When did you final search at your employment contracts, shareholders agreements, terms of business, net web site terms, partnering agreements and purchase contracts? Are they steady with who you say you are?

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