Save Your Furniture, Sanity And Your Cat Claws!

You will need to promote your cat to scratch a scratching post in place of your furniture. …

New cats and kittens really are a great addition to any family. But after youve bough the litter tray its time for you to be concerned about the furniture. You see cats love to scratch. They actually need to scratch and your prized furniture can be quickly ruined by them if youre perhaps not careful. But before you quit hope there are things you may do to protect your furniture without having your pet de-clawed.

You need to encourage your cat to scratch a scratching post in place of your furniture. An awareness of why cats scratch will help us here….

Cats damage for a lot of reasons. They scratch as an easy way to exercise and to develop their muscles. As a way to stretch additionally they damage. So cats damage to mark and scent their place they’ve scent glands in their feet. They love to get their claws to the post, (or your furniture!), not because they desire to damage it but as a way to clean and sharpen their claws. Oh we very nearly forgot they scratch and claw because it feels sooooooo good!!

In order to see that scratch is a cats normal behavior and ought to be supported and encouraged to help keep your cat fit and healthy. If your cat is scratching the furniture youll realize that physical punishment doesn’t work and will alienate your cat. Sometimes a word or a loud clap will end feline while youre there, but when youre gone what happens?

For a happy cat and a good family with whole furniture these methods might be of use:

The most important thing you may do is always to purchase a scratching post BEFORE you get the cat. In this way the post will soon be a built-in the main cats atmosphere when it happens. Once a cat has established a behavior its very hard to break.

Ideally get several article and put them in the areas that you think the cat uses most often. At a minimum place one near where in fact the cat can sleep. Cats want to grow once they get up who doesnt.

Purchase a stable post, the one that doesnt wobble and feels very durable. Instability is really disliked by cats and if the post falls over its most unlikely the cat will ever use that post again. Look for a good solid base and the post should feel well made not thin.

Position an article in your main family place. Your cat really wants to participate your family spend some time with you. Theres nothing nicer than a cover sleeping in your lap on a winters day. After a hard hour or so resting in your lap its time for you to stretch. I hope theres a nearby or there goes the furniture!

At the beginning you’ll have to promote the cat to scratch the post. You dont have to show your cat how exactly to scratch it already knows!! Take to rubbing some cat nip on the post, or tie games and chain on the post. Play with the cat around the post such that it gets used to hammering the post. Trailing wool or string up the spot will encourage clawing and is the best method!

Make sure the post is big enough. Your pet should really be in a position to fully expand on the post, so look at the very least height of 3 feet. Cats want to get within their front claws and arch their back once again to extend their front legs. That is hard to complete if the post is too small. Beware, if the article is too short then your cat will see out that human furniture can be an ideal level!

Play with your pet. Hold it pleased and entertained, especially across the posts and it will be less inclined to take it out on your furniture!

Finally obtain a post that is course and can be destroyed. Rough surfaces are loved by cats. They’ll tear and cheerfully pull at their post and enjoy watching it weaken. Abs guaranteed carpet makes an excellent article covering, as is sisal rope. Its claws can be really got by a cat into both these materials. If you already have a cat which can be scratching and clawing the furniture then locate a post produced from similar material. If you cant discover the great post take to making your personal.

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