Science Fiction Weapon Comes Correct

The Stilleto is a weapon featured in Clarkes science fiction novel Earthlight. In the 1955 Clarke novel, the weapon is stated to emit a beam of light that was capable to pierce a spacecraft. The writer afterwards explains that the weapon he described in his novel was really a stream of liquefied metal that gets shot by means of space with quite high speed and force.

The investigation and development arm of the Division of Defense (Defense Sophisticated Research Project Agency or DARPA) is creating a weapon known as MAHEM. This is patterned following Clarkes fictional weapon.

MAHEM stands for Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition. The weapon will be using magnetism to propel either liquid or solid metal. It will be comparable to other at present existing weapons given that it will use explosions and electromagnetism to power the release of the metal. Weapons that use the very same kind of power are named High-Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT). 1 instance of a HEAT weapon is a bazooka.

DARPA is at the moment developing MAHEM as some thing that can be attached to a warhead. After the missile is close to the target, it will release MAHEM and be able to stop tanks and other massive moving autos at close range.

This is not the initial time that Clarke has inspired a scientific or technological adjust. He is also identified for the geostationary orbit. The geostationary orbit signifies that an object in the sky can seem not to move as long as it is aligned with the earths equator. This indicates that the signal from a point on earth will correspond straight with a satellite placed in this orbit. Clarke popularized this in a 1945 with an report in the Wireless Word magazine.

Arthur C. Clarke writes science fiction books and makes inventions. The British national joined forces with renowned director Stanley Kubrick to create the book 2001: A Space Odyssey. The book was later turned into a movie with the identical name that was directed by Kubrick.

As the investigation and development arm of the Department of Defense, the mission of DARPA is to guarantee that the United States remains more advanced than other countries in terms of military offense and defense. Initially named Advanced Investigation Projects Agency, the organization was established in 1958 and its name was changed to DARPA in 1972.

Earthlight was a book released in 1955 of the science fiction genre. Set in the 22nd century, the story revolves about conflicts among the Earth and colonies on the moon along with other people in the solar method.

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