Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training including information and practical guidance about all national and state sexual harassment laws.

Among the more important pieces of California legislation that went in to influence on January 1, 2005, was AB 1825. This law requires companies with 50 or even more employees to supply two hours of sexual harassment training and education to all supervisory employees by the end of 2005. Additionally, it mandates why these employees will receive sexual harassment training and education once every 2 yrs after January 1, 2006.

It is very important to note that temporary employees, independent contractors and workers outside of the state of California aren’t overlooked in the 50-employee tally. Be sure you count every staff before you choose this regulation doesnt affect your company.

Range of the training:

Your companys sexual harassment training should include information and practical advice about all national and state sexual harassment guidelines. The data provided should include:

Prevention of nuisance

Correction of nuisance

Remedies available to victims

Functional cases targeted at prevention of nuisance, discrimination and retaliation

Furthermore, the law mandates that teachers or educators with knowledge and experience in the prevention of nuisance, discrimination and retaliation must provide the instruction. In other words, youll need someone with legitimate credentials to administer working out.

Other criteria

As the law contains language like active, most experts advise that just turning on an exercise video won’t provide an employer into compliance. Instead, there must be some relationship involving the presenter and those who find themselves being educated, such as a question and answer session, or some role-playing. Fun Internet education should also be appropriate.

Keep an archive of compliance, including documentation that all managers (or anyone who performs supervisory functions) participated. A roll which includes the signatures of the members is one choice. For Internet instruction, demand a signed receipt.

Produce a means to monitor future compliance and ensure that new managers are trained within six months of hire/promotion (and every couple of years thereafter).

Update all of your present plans, employee handbooks, or other methods to make sure they reference the training being an hope.

Make sure that all professionals know about the requirement.For help in this region contact AmCheck at 888-AMCHECK.

Source: New Florida Law Mandates Anti-Harassment Reduction Training for Managers. Jackson Lewis law practice. March 1, 2004.

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