Spherical Pen Fundamentals Base & Footing

2006 E. Landers

Sometimes you get so excited about taking care of a that you forget about the basics and inevitably learn halfway through the project that you forgot to do something fundamental.

Creating a horse round pen is no different – there are key steps to follow to be sure you create a long-lasting, safe and secure roundpen for your equine friends. Lets look at one of many basics required for a round pen: your round pencil base and ground.

One of the first steps in creating a round pen would be to make sure that you have a base and level surface. Why is this so important? Well, for starters any structure (round pencil, barn, you name it) can last longer when it’s properly leveled and constructed. Subsequently, a well designed foundation provides the necessary discharge for the round pen. You dont desire to go outside after a heavy rainstorm and see that you have a good, new round pencil lake!

If you’re extremely lucky, you will have an amount little bit of ground to work with and a sand bottom. Unfortunately, for another 99% of us available, well have to utilize what we have and ensure it is suitable! There are many techniques to leveling the bottom and providing the correct drainage with suitable ground. These vary according to budget and level of work you intend to put into it.

A properly made round pen bottom and ground resembles a layered cake. By sloping your base layer, incorporating mixtures of coarse gravel, stone dust and gardening material (if desired), you’ll develop a split sub-base and base that will provide excellent drainage. While this is a large amount of work up front, the advantages will probably pay off over time.

The icing with this meal could be the ground. Remember, the footing is what provides the service for your horse and also increases the safety factor. This final layer will change according to your circumstances and climate. A few of your footing options are: sand, wood compost, or shredded rubber. You can even use a mixture of sand and shredded rubber, as an example.

With regards to the product you use, you could need to replace it from time to time as well. When you encounter your first rain or storm, a few of your footing will inevitably filter into your base level. Keep this in mind if you are buying your footing youll likely need to order roughly 10 twenty five percent extra with respect to the footing type and your environment conditions.

Therefore remember, when you begin your round pen project, develop from the underside up and youll be on your way to a and long-lasting horse round pen.

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