The most recent Internet Buzz: Keyword Sites?

Are you able to remember when the introduced a year ago? Just a couple of days after the site got on line, it received plenty of traffic and quickly became among the sites on the internet! Since it was something brand-new and many different to any site-concept before tens of thousands of people were visiting this internet site. Advertisers on the website received a lot of traffic.

And since this appeared to be highly successful, soon hundreds of so called pixel advertising pages sprung up online to replicate the success. Most of us know the story: only the big advantage was got by the first time movers in monetizing this new approach.

Perfectly there is really a new news available on the web that also generally seems to top the success of those pixel advertising pages:

Keyword internet sites are appearing throughout the internet right now.

They were seen by havent?

Always check this out for example:

Seems pretty simple, don’t you imagine so?

Today heres the secret behind these word sites (or word cloud sites, important word pages) – really its maybe not a secret merely a proven proven fact: Image adverts really do nothing for se indexing but text links will do.

And thats what these websites are built for: they will enable you to get extremely precise keyword links to your sites. And as you know incoming keyword links are very important for successful seo.

Just how do they work?

The websites really are a simple website containing numerous key phrases. Each word can be purchased by you and which means this word will become a text word connect to your website. Various options can be selected by you when buying the text word, such as for instance different font patterns, bold or italic text and different colour options. You have to cover a basic price for the standard term and then additional costs are included for the different font, text and color possibilities.

Its as simple as that

And keyword pages got another enormous advantage over the pixel sites: Do you remember the mess of pictures, a lot of internet sites being promoted on the pixel pages? Ad couldn’t be told one by you from another. Keyword pages are useful, easy-to-read and clean. Just simplified.

I bet that these keyword websites will be the next big buzz on the web marketing picture and that people who enter early and create their very own keyword website will make the big money. Remember the success of the pixel advertising pages.

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