The Rewards And Drawbacks Of Tension Set Wedding Rings

As an alternative to the classic channel set wedding and engagement rings, rings created with a process referred to as tension setting have began to become well-liked in current years. Tension set wedding rings and engagement rings have a stone (normally a diamond, though tension setting can be utilized with any valuable gem) that is set in an opening in the ring itself and held by tension of the open ends of the ring pressing against the stone. Jewelers agree that there are each positive and unfavorable aspects to picking tension set rings.

The Positive aspects

Tension set rings are stunning. Since the style is so unique, your tension set wedding or engagement ring will certainly draw peoples attention. The rings are obtainable in all the typical types one particular would expect, which includes rings of gold, platinum, titanium, and white gold, but the tension setting gives them a stylized and modernistic look that channel set rings are basically not capable of. People will examine the ring up close and, if theyve never seen a tension setting prior to, will wonder how in the world that stone stays in location. Youll locate that your tension set wedding ring will be a topic of conversation at a lot of a social gathering.

Makers of tension set wedding rings insist that the stone is immoveable and will in no way be lost. Regardless of whether this is really accurate is the topic of some debate, but it is a claim that can not be created for channel set rings as we know that channel set stones can at times function their way loose and be lost.

The Drawbacks

It is challenging for a jeweler to properly resize a tension set ring of any kind. The process of resizing a ring in fact alters the shape and thickness of the metal and this will lead to a modify in the quantity of tension holding the stone in location. This is particularly troubling for an individual with a tension set wedding ring, given that the ring is meant to be worn forever. As a individual ages, their physique adjustments so, even an individual who doesnt obtain or shed weight more than the years (and thats a scant couple of of us) will nonetheless likely have a distinct ring size when he or she reaches the age of fifty than he or she did at age twenty 5.

Even though proponents of tension settings do make the aforementioned claim that the stone is immoveable, opponents of the approach say really the opposite. A number of jewelers claim that they have been approached by people looking for suggestions on how to replace a lost stone from a tension set wedding ring. The jury is still out, as a result, on regardless of whether tension settings genuinely are far more successful than the much more conventional channel settings.

The final drawback is for the jewelers themselves. Jeweler Keith Farley states on the InForm internet internet site that it is quite effortless for a person to intentionally remove the stone from a tension set ring. This, naturally, tends to make it that much less difficult for a dishonest client to remove the stone and then come back to the jeweler looking for a replacement below the terms of a warranty, claiming that the setting was lost.

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