The Value Of A Shovel

I grew up in Florida. I loved my childhood years, and not just because I lived three miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Rather, I loved my childhood simply because it was rather a standard childhood. I went to school and mostly hated it. I had a ton of pals that I loved to play with for hours and hours on finish. My family members was wonderful and we created it to the beach as frequently as we could make time for it. My life seemed perfect, and I was quite positive that it would remain that way. I went to college in Florida and just assumed that I’d often live there. Life has a way of giving us reality checks even so. I searched for jobs and identified 1 in Minneapolis, Minneasota. I moved there ignorantly and speedily learned the value of a shovel.

I’ll be honest. The only shovel I had encountered prior to my move to Minneapolis was a modest one particular that my siblings and I used to make sandle castles on the beach. It had snowed a handful of instances in the course of my developing up years, but never enough to warrant the use of a shovel. So my transition to Minneapolis went smoothly till October hit and the snow started falling. It started falling and didn’t stop falling until practically April. I was warned by a new buddy to buy a shovel when the 1st snow fell so fortunately I was ready with my tool of decision to battle the winter snows.

I quickly learned the value of a shovel. I learned that a shovel has value since it does some thing quite necessary when there is a pileup of snow or ice: it permits a person to eliminate that snow or ice and preserve on living. I was considering of the value of the shovel and about how a shovel is way far more useful to folks in Minneapolis than it is to a resident of Florida. Most residents of Florida will never have use for a shovel, and consequently, they care small about no matter whether they own a shovel or not.

That is a crazy thing about life and about humans assign value. It seems like we assign value to people and items based on their goal in our life and based on what they can do for us. Do not we? As much as we’d like to claim that we are completely altruistic, isn’t it true that we only appreciate a shovel, a medical doctor or even our personal mother only when we require that thing to come by means of for us and do one thing?

I guess I learned a lot about myself and about the world upon moving to Minneapolis. I learned a lot more than just how to use a shovel.

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