There is More To Purchasing A Diamond Than The Price

Once you have discovered the 4 Cs it will be easier for you to find the right stone. Here we’ve…

Of course the cost will be one of the elements that will influence your final decision of whether to purchase a stone or not, but it isn’t the sole one. Not knowing anything about gems may make you get among a poor quality. This is the reason why knowing might points needed when buying a diamond can help. These are the 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

When you have discovered the 4 Cs it’ll be easier for the right diamond to be chosen by you. Here we have the 4 Cs described in detail:

1. Color – or better, the possible lack of color in your treasure. That which you need to look for may be the whitest stone of most. A yellow or grayish tone of diamond will be a diamond of poor quality. You’ve qualities of diamond going from A to Z. It’ll be not great, and very yellow or brown, if the diamond is, say, a D, it means it is the whitest and among the bests; if it is a grade Z. The way the color quality is verifyed by the majority of Gemologists is by comparing the diamond you’ve with one which posseses an already known grade.

2. Cut – perhaps not a diamond can be cut by anyone, the Gemologist that cuts it’s giving a quality on this D! Hopefully, usually the one who does the cut for you personally can get an A, although. You will notice that if the cut is prosperous, the diamond will be more glowing and bright. A well-cut stone may release light that will form beautiful patterns. The wonderfulness and sloppiness of your diamond is determined by the levels of the angles and the percentages of the dimensions. But take into consideration that square or marquise diamonds have different cut requirements because of their different shapes.

3. Clarity – inclusions and imperfections can determine the quality of one’s stone. The quality of your jewel can go from flawless to 13. By blemishes after all a break in the stone, or any piece of crystal trapped within the gem, or something anomalous discovered under 10X magnification.

4. Carat Weight – it is measured by the diamond range. It’s like weighting the diamond in points: 100 points would be a whole carat; 50 points would be a carat diamond; and 25 points would be described as a quarter carat diamond.

Since you know the 4 Cs, it’d be easier for you to find the right jewel. Nevertheless, don’t doubt asking a gemologist whatever you wish to know. When buying a diamond the details of a specialist may lead you to a better knowledge of the 4 Cs and to a better choice.

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