Tombola Bingo 200% Bonus

Tombola Bingo is amongst the UK’s biggest and most preferred online bingo web-sites. The reason Tombola has been so prosperous is that they design and prepare all their games in-house and that means you won’t discover them on some other website, this allows them to customize their games to their player’s likes.

Tombola provides every one of the typical bingo variations including bingo 90, 80, 75 and features ‘bingo lite’ where bingo cards cost just 2p each. Where Tombola truly stands apart is the exceptional games including Bingo 60 showcasing 5 possibilities to earn a winning prize.

So what else is offered at Tombola Bingo?To begin with new players acquire a 200% welcome bonus whenever they join the site. So first deposit £10 and you will receive an extra £20 free, supplying you with £30 to play with. You can easily get started by clicking this link. Plus Tombola typically runs a free of charge game for their depositing players who stake £2 the last week, the game changes frequently and usually £20,000 is guaranteed to be won within the week.

Tombola bingo 90 is now accessible to play on mobile smartphones. £3 million is won per week at Tombola by a large number of privileged winners. Tombola incorporates a progressive jackpot in bingo 90 which can be won nearly every day as it’s set to trigger at 40 calls, but does occasionally reach £20,000. Several of Tombola’s biggest game titles likewise have huge jackpot prizes, like £20,000 in Cinco together with £10,000 in Bingo Roulette.

Tombola Bingo offers in excess of 40 chat rooms with well over 100 chat moderators employed by them, so as well as their unique games and large jackpots, it’s additionally one of the most warm and friendly websites around. Plus, don’t forgot the 200% first deposit bonus too! At Tombola the stakes will not be high and are generally within everybody’s reach – to max any game the most you would have to spend is £2.

Tombola are very well known for introducing new and different bingo-style game titles. Bingo60 is a unique Tombola development you won’t ever find anywhere else. 5 gamecards plus 5 chances to win.The new PIRATES game at Tombola is like a mixture of 90 ball bingo and the well known CINCO game, but boasting pirate figures as an alternative to cards or numbers. Pirates is enjoyed for a line across, and then full house, providing each game two possibilities to win. Just like other Tombola games, rooms are split up into ticket prices of 10p, 25p or 50p, and there is a jackpot for claiming full house in a set number of calls. It’s an interesting new addition, and plenty of fun. Especially with the sounds and animation of the pirate personalities.

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