Trying to Find a Villa in Spain Before Beginning My New Job

It has taken ten years to get right here but I’m finally going to Spain. After 10 years I have actually finally graduated with a doctorate in Spanish literature and I have been accepted as a guest professor in an university in Spain. I had my plane tickets prepared for the month I was moving, all of my things ready to pack and shipped and I had helped my family prepare for the move by brushing them up on their Spanish. There was, nevertheless, one issue. I did not know where I was going to live. There are so many attractive spots to go that I had been avoiding the decision however my partner was breathing down my neck and I needed to make a decision.

Spain offered many attractive homes for my family, but I chose to obtain a Spanish villa for rent until I knew if the college would have me become a permanent professor or not. Since there will only be me, my partner, my son and our pet dog that will be moving to Spain I figured an apartment will do for the time being. The real question was where we should relocate? There were plenty of Barcelona apartments, which would have been remarkable because they were close to the school but I also wished to consider all other Spain villas rentals prior to I made my decision.

Thankfully, there were a lot of realtors that wanted to set up appointments and had a variety of different Spanish villas for me to look at. I arranged a week before my move date for my family and I to take a trip to Spain and look at the Catalonia villas specifically but also other Spanish villas for rent to make sure I had enough variety. When we traveled around Spain, my family adored many of the houses. We saw numerous Spanish luxury villas for rent and every one was more stunning than the last however it wasn’t until we got to Catalan that we knew we were home. My son adored the Catalonia villas due to the fact that there were a lot of other children to play with in the town and my husband adored their football team. I loved exactly how it was incredibly close to the college and the architecture was breath taking. In a matter of a few days we relocated to Catalan.

Throughout this time, one of my friends notified me that she was moving to Tuscan villa rentals and we have plans to visit her later this month. She also has several friends in Germany and Switzerland that we will be seeing. This is a terrific way for not just me to find out more society and languages but also my son has totally immersed himself into European culture. My son likes living in Europe and after a few months is totally fluent in Spanish. It is exceptionally motivating to watch him grow here. My husband has found a terrific job and we are assimilating into the community very well. I wish that by the end of the academic year the university will provide me a long-term position and we could continue living here.

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