What Conditions can be Treated with Hip Arthroscopy?

Femoral Acetabular Impingement or FAI is a condition of also considerably friction in the hip joint. Essentially, the ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum) rub abnormally creating harm to the hip joint. The harm can take place to the articular cartilage (smooth white surface of the ball or socket) or the labral cartilage (soft tissue bumper of the socket).

Labral Tear: The labrum of the hip is a cuff of thick tissue that surround the hip socket. The labrum aids to assistance the hip joint. When a labral tear of the hip occurs, a piece of this tissue can grow to be pinched in the joint causing discomfort and catching sensations.

Loose Bodies: Loose bodies are pieces of cartilage that kind within the joint. They look like little marbles floating within the joint space. These loose bodies can become caught within the hip throughout movements.

Snapping Hip Syndrome: Snapping hip syndrome has a number of causes, some of which can be treated with hip arthroscopy. If some thing is catching within the hip joint, hip arthroscopy can be utilised to relieve this snapping. Also, hip arthroscopy can be employed to execute a psoas tendon release in situations of internal snapping hip syndrome.

Cartilage Damage: In sufferers with focal cartilage harm, which means not widespread arthritis, hip arthroscopy might be beneficial. These sufferers could sustain an injury causing a piece of cartilage to break away from the surface of the bone. These sufferers may advantage from removal of that piece of cartilage.

Early Arthritis: This is a controversial topic, as individuals who have arthritis discomfort generally will not benefit from a hip arthroscopy. The sufferers who tend to benefit have particular obtaining of impingement (pinching) within the hip joint, and may possibly benefit from removal of the bone spurs causing this impingement. This is only possible in the quite early stages of arthritis, and even then might not offer you relief of symptoms.

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