Why Poker Is Now Very Popular

Poker has been a widely played game the past century with its varying formats. The concept of betting out against your buddies has made it popular betting game which is free for all. The earliest records of poker games date back to the 1830s in the New Orleans.

Poker has become hugely popular the past 15 years, as more and more players have taken it seriously and nowadays, is played professionally. Many call it now a sport and tournaments are being held left and right. Since it is perceived as a sport, the general public has now widely accepted it, even in national TV. Yes, there is still that factor of chance, however, with highly advanced players, its more on odds and bluffing.

Skill is important in poker and chance is just a small factor in it. With the ability to pass a card with lower chances of winning without having to bet all the time, players’ chips will not get drained out just because of chance. There is not house to beat in professional poker that is why a lot of people love it. The game is about each other’s chips and not beating the house out of its money.

What adds up to it being an exciting game is bluffing, bullying and playing it out big. Bluff and lie and win out of nothing. Your biggest assets are your ability to lie and to do it convincingly. Bullying on the other hand is swallowing whole short stacks and showing them who boss is.Of course the biggest enticement of many poker tournaments is winning the prize money. Being overall champion will not get you a huge pot but a seat to the bigger tournaments.

The internet has provided a great avenue for many poker amateurs and hopefuls. You do not need money to play poker online. Many online slots offer free access and free virtual chips. These slots online are meant for players who are not yet doing it professionally. Gain new friends and improve on your skills through internet casinos.

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