Will Renault Return to the U.S.?

Back for the duration of the 1980s Renault cars, in alliance with the now defunct American Motors Company [AMC], have been sold at American dealers. After Chrysler purchased AMC, Renault retreated and quit promoting cars in the US. A current announcement by Renault that the U.S. marketplace may after again be a candidate for Renault vehicles has been met with only tepid enthusiasm by the automotive press. Will Renault return? A lot more importantly: does any individual care?

Renault’s exit from the US throughout the late 1980s was hardly noticed by most shoppers. As makers of the tiny LeCar, the compact Alliance, and the midsize Medallion/Eagle Premier, not a lot distinguished Renault from the competition.

Today, Renault is really a distinct company with a really diverse outlook and item line. Ever because its obtain of the Nissan Motor Business, Renault’s focus has shifted from a predominately European stage to a worldwide stage. With Nissan technologies incorporated into many present vehicles, Renault quality and reliability levels have risen. This is excellent news as Renault previously was criticized in the US for building poorly created cars. Better made cars than AMC, but not rising to the high quality level that many had expected.

Press reports indicate that Renault will tackle the Chinese industry 1st ahead of even taking into consideration the US…if ever. Is it simply because Americans don’t forget the poorly made Renault items of the previous that is behind the company’s hesitancy to reenter the market place? Or, could it be Renault’s perception that America doesn’t much like the French correct now?

We never know for sure, but I am guessing that it is a tiny bit of each. Regardless, a high high quality inexpensive Renault automobile would be a welcome alter to the junk sold right here a generation ago. Let’s hope that Renault has discovered a beneficial lesson from Nissan on how to develop and sell a leading quality product. If so, then bring them here.

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