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Even in the case of general fitness, training has a unique more successful rules. These rules refer to different aspects of accomplishing the exercises: dosing (the amount of series), repeating, power, rhythm, etc; but considering all these aspects isn’t enough. It’s essential for the exercises to be performed correctly.

It is difficult at all for a novice who has read something about exercise or to whom some body described exactly how to accomplish an exercise, to do it impeccably beginning with the first sessions of training. Often he’s the effect that he does an action properly, even if he can see himself in a from the gym. But only the experienced ‘eye’ of a teacher who spent some time working many programs for novices can correct him properly.

It’s feasible for the novice to have the feeling that his method to do the exercises is wrong, on the other hand. He needs, again, the teacher, in order to guarantee him his performance is right, if this isn’t the case. It is dangerous for the fitness practitioner’s health and human body state to self-educate from the first periods. There are many roles, aspects, programs of the machines which could be unadvisable in various circumstances, determined by every person’s characteristics. Some examples of those particularities are: deformations of the back, old injuries, functions, limitations of the flexibility of the bones, etc.

Still another advantage of working beneath the supervision of a teacher is a great choice of exercises, models, activities, which supports avoiding any threat of accidents.

The role of the personal trainer is not limited to working with beginners. Even the advanced level could have the inclination to ‘cheat’ in doing some exercises or to add really difficult exercises, necessitating closer supervision. Also, an experienced patient might need, from time to time, a look ‘from the outside ‘, which may assist him perfect his technique.

Yet another element closely related to the exercise trainer’s aid could be the understanding of it programs. The high level could lose themselves in the marketplace of possible choices, getting never to see the wood for the woods, while for beginners the impossibility of making their particular training programs is apparent. In the same case of the advanced, the dangers of routine may be avoided easier with help from the exterior.

Keeping the drive and the interest for instruction can also be one of the duties the personal trainer must face. He needs to show intelligence, tact and even diplomacy when working with the athletes or with the people who practice fitness only for enjoyment or for maintaining their health.

There may be some drawbacks of the effort of the fitness trainer. His presence could be experienced as patronizing, straining, or unpleasant. Some ethnic or social incompatibility between the coach and the physician will make their conversation, which will be so important in this relationship, really difficult.

Nevertheless, the huge benefits we can have from dealing with a competent coach are much larger than the possible shortcomings and they make the effort of the player far better.Precision Athletics

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