Zachariah Hedrick’s Look At School Internships


His involvement was started by zachariah “Zach” Hedrick at Arkansas State as a student residing in the dorms. From a small rural farming area in Southeast Missouri, Zach quickly began to become involved with the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity all through his freshman year on campus. With several friends engaged in the agriculture firm, he begun to create connections among his classmates, sooner or later serving as the President of the AGR team.

Zach received an additional recognition as you of only three students chosen to participate on the National Alpha Gamma Rho Board of Directors. Zach was a part of several conference and served to communicate the overall guidelines and developments of the fraternity system.

He became a part of internships the summertime of 2012 just before his Senior year. Recognized being an intern for the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce, Zach was a part of a lot of the activities and events presented by the Chamber. With talents in the graphics and media design area, Zach was also involved in the design and arrangement of various media content for the company throughout the summer.

“Getting associated with internships has been among the most readily useful decisions that I’ve made while at A-State,” said Zach. “Being in a position to spend some time actually working hand and hand with those at these company has given me a much better understanding of what’ll be concerned within my career future.”

Another opportunity was seized by zach for this term as an advertising intern for the Brickhouse Grill in downtown Jonesboro. Living nearby to the restaurant and attending weekly management conferences, Zach has been in a position to obtain a sense for the entire “New Orleans” design idea and broaden the exposure of the company through various social networking outlets.

“I have actually been able to learn a great deal from the Brickhouse team,” said Hedrick. “I would recommend others explore this experience.”

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